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Capacity Building and Professional Development:

The need to build the capacities of our members cannot be overemphasized. Capacity building will be given top priority during my tenure. The Executive council under my leadership will explore ways of raising funds for organizing skill acquisition (particularly for new skills, techniques and emerging issues) training not only at pre-conferences but also in-between annual conferences.

I will ensure that the scientific and technical quality of our annual conferences continue to improve to meet international standards. Conference themes will be tailored to current issues and challenges and the interest of our partners will be taken care of.

I will ensure that we publish our communique/resolution/declarations in the Book of Readings.

Upon the realization of the professionalization of CASSON, the Certification and Licensure programme will be pursued and, if possible, conclusively implemented during my tenure in office as President of CASSON.

The CASSON secretariat building, which is still at foundation level of construction, will be re-visited given attention with a view to completing it within the mandate period given to me as President of CASSON, making judicious use of the funds meant for it.

Collaborate with government to create counselling units in all government agencies and institutions. Our administration shall liase with Government agencies to streamline quality Counsellor Education Programme in Nigeria.