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The Table below presents list of our Annual Conferences and Award Sessions since inception in 1975 and the locations where they were held.

SN Venue Date Remark
11st National ConferenceUniversity of Ibadan, Ibadan18th -19th June, 1976
22nd National Conference & WorkshopUniversity of Calabar, Calabar3rd Week of Aug, 1977
33rd National Conference & WorkshopUniversity of Jos, Jos3rd Week of August 1977
45th National Workshop/SeminarKaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna3rd week of August 1979Before the October National Assembly inauguration in Lagos.
55th National ConferenceUniversity of Benin, Benin City3rd Week of August 1980
66th National ConferenceAlvan Ikoku Federal College of EducationAug. 17th – 21th ,1981
77th National ConferenceUniversity of Port harcout, port harcoutAug. 16th – 20th ,1982
88th National ConferenceUniversity of Ibadan, IbadanAug. 15th – 19th, 1983
99th National ConferenceFed. University of Technology MakurdiAug. 20th – 24th, 1984
1010th National ConferenceUniversity of Nigeria, Enugu CampusAug. 19th – 23rd , 1985
1111th National ConferenceObafemi Awolowo Univ. Ile-IfeAug. 18th – 22nd , 19861st Award of Fellowship
1212th National conferenceUniv. of Sokoto, SokotoAug. 18th – 22nd, 1987
1313th National ConferenceUniv. Maiduguri, MaiduguriAug. 18th – 22nd, 1988
1414th National ConferenceUniv. of Ibadan, IbadanAug. 18th – 22nd , 1989
1515th National ConferenceUniv. of Calabar, CalabarAug. 18th – 22nd, 1990
1616th National ConferenceUniv. of Jos, JosAug. 19th – 23rd, 1991
1717th National ConferenceBayero Univ. KanoAug. 17th – 21st, 19922nd Award of Fellowship
1818th National ConferenceUniv. of Lagos, LagosAug. 16th – 20th , 1993
1919th National ConferenceWomen Development centre, AbujaAug. 16th – 20th. 1987
2020th National ConferenceFed. College of Edu. Yola3rd Week of Aug. 1995
2121st National ConferenceUniversity of Uyo, Uyo3rd Week of Aug. 1996
2222nd National ConferenceFed. Govt. College Warri3rd Week of Aug. 1997
2323rd National ConferenceKaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna3rd Week of Aug. 1998
2424th National ConferenceUniv. of Lagos, Lagos3rd Week of Aug. 1999
2525th National conferenceNational University CommissionAug. 16th – 20th, 20003rd Award of Fellowship
2626th National ConferenceBenue State University, MakurdiAug. 16th – 20th, 2001
2727th National ConferenceUniversity of Benin, Benin CityAug. 19h – 22nd , 2002
2828th National ConferenceUniversity of Ibadan, IbadanAug. 18th – 22nd , 20034th Award of Fellowship
2929th National ConferenceUniv. of Maiduguri, Maiduguri17th – 20th Aug. 2004
3030th National ConferenceUniversity of Calabar, Calabar3rd Week of Aug. 2005
3131st National ConferenceGidan matasa Ultra Modern complex, Nigeria State15th – 18th Aug. 20064th Award of Fellowship
3232nd National ConferenceCovenant Univ. Otta, Ogun State.3rd Week of Aug. 2007
3333rd National conferenceUniversity of IIIorin, Kwara State3rd Week of Aug. 2008
3434th National ConferenceEducation Resource Center Abuja3rd – 7th Aug. 20095th Award of Fellowship
3535th National ConferenceUniversity of Nigeria Enugu campus, Enugu3rd – 6th Aug. 2010
3636th National ConferenceRoyal Tropicana Hotels Ltd, No 17/19 Niger street, kano ,Kano State5th – 9th Sept. 2011
3737th International Conference/AGMObafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Osun State27th - 31st Aug. 20128th Award of Fellowship
3838th International ConferenceCivil Service Auditorium, State Secretariat, Akwa Ibom19th - 23rd Aug. 2013
3939th International ConferenceUniversity of Benin, Benin City18th - 22nd Aug. 2014
4040th International ConferenceFCT Reource Centre, Zone 7, Abuja17th - 21st Aug. 20159th Award of Fellowship
4141st International ConferenceUniversity of Lagos21st - 26th Aug. 2016
4242nd International ConferenceEmmaus House, Opp UNIZIK Temporary Site Awka, Anambra State21st - 25th Aug. 2017
4343rd International ConferenceFCT Resource Centre, Zone 7, Abuja6th - 10th Aug. 2018